• Professional Development

    Building effective leaders is key to advancing the commercial real estate industry. Our Professional Development Committee created two programs-Connecting Future Leaders and Young Professionals (YP) Group-to provide members with high-level professional development training. We also actively recruit YPs to serve on our board and committees to demonstrate and enhance leadership skills.


    CREW NoVA created and runs the Mentorship Program: Connecting Future Leaders. To give more women an opportunity to participate in this program, CREW NoVA opened it up to members of the CREW National Capital Committee (CNCC). Our next program will commence September 2017 and conclude in June 2018.

     This program creates a platform where long-lasting relationships between mentor and mentee can blossom. The program fosters a safe, yet challenging, environment for professional growth through both social interactions and strategically planned leadership training. This training provides an avenue conducive for candid learning and relationship building, where mentee and mentor alike learn more about one another and themselves. It includes critical professional competencies, including effective communication, time management, how to have executive presence, and goal setting.

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    For additional information about this program, please contact the following individuals:


    Program Moderator

    Program Lead

    Joan Fletcher
    Winning Ways, Inc.
    (703) 434-3990

    Sandra Henderson
    Total Quality Building Services
    (202) 439-7054

    "One of the greatest lessons I learned from my mentor and the CREW NoVA mentorship program is that I can screw up. Before the program, I would stress about every little error I made. By speaking with my mentor, and by growing as an individual through the mentorship program's process, I learned that the best way to handle your ‘oopsy’ moments is to own them. That way you can fix them to the best of your ability. So instead of stressing at my desk like I used to, my new motto is moving forward. How can I resolve this? Meaning, I now focus on quickly implementing a solution(s) that will get everything resolved and back to business as usual."

    — Sandra Greenberg, 2015 protege
    Director of Client Development, Gali Service Industries, Inc.

    (AGE 35 AND UNDER)

    CREW NoVA's Young Professional Group (YP) strives to help young women excel by providing them with mentorship, peer-to-peer collaboration, and leadership development. We facilitate and exploit professional opportunities related to the field of commercial real estate through both the collaborative and collective effort of CREW Northern Virginia members. Our four core professional competencies for young professionals include:

    • Leadership
    • Education
    • Organic relationship-building
    • Networking/mentoring

    Our YP participants have the opportunity to work with experts in professional coaching and succession planning, engage in the community and join hands with fellow CREW members. We provide several networking events and happy hours throughout the year tha are fun, yet educational. These events are designed to let you "meet and greet" with industry legends, high-end professionals, and more.

    Contact Tara Fisher for more information on the CREW NoVA YP's! taraf@donohoe.com

  • Mentorship Program Quotes

    “CREW Northern Virginia's Connecting Future Leaders Program is a way to create awareness within yourself of who you really are and how to make the most of your qualities and abilities” — Toni Sanders, Apex Companies, LLC
    "I recommend this program to anyone wanting to make significant achievements in their field. The insights and analysis in how you work and how others around you work are valuable. You will set goals for yourself and work toward meeting them with the support and encouragement of other professional women. You get what you put into this program and it is worth your time and effort if you want to achieve results."— Carmela Patrick, Weber Rector Commercial Real Estate
    “The program gives us the tools to identify areas of self-improvement, but more importantly the motivation to become our best selves. Joan has put together an incredibly organized and life-improving mentorship program.” — Jessica Murray, Kimley-Horn
    “The Connecting Future Leaders program has been a rewarding opportunity that has enriched my professional development and helped me identify and polish personal growth areas with support and inspiration from both my mentor and the workshops.” — Tara Fisher, Donohoe Construction Company