CREW NoVA Member Spotlight: Ally Cardamone-Diaz

February 25, 2021
Written by: CREW Northern Virginia

Ally Cardamone-Diaz

Please join us in welcoming Ally Cardamone-Diaz as a new member to CREW NoVA!

Ally is a Senior Project Manager at HITT Contracting with 15 years of experience. She decided to join CREW NoVA after attending a handful of activities and finding them engaging, fun, and in tune with the market.

Ally finds Amelia Earhart inspiring because she didn’t let her gender or fear of the unknown stop her from chasing her dreams. Before her disappearance, she crushed the glass ceiling and set world records. While Ally wishes she had a happier outcome – her drive, determination, and lack of fear help guide a lot of us today whenever a challenge seems difficult.

Ally is the proud mother of two rambunctious young boys who lives in Loudoun County with her husband and small, but ferocious toy poodle (also a boy!).

Fun Fact: Ally’s Dad used to travel around for work when she was a kid. By the time she was 20, she had more than 25 moves under her belt. When Ally married her husband, she told him he better be prepared to set down roots. Her next move will be to a nice warm beach after retirement!