CREW NoVA Member Spotlight Maggie Dodson

September 16, 2021
Written by: CREW Northern Virginia

From Maggie:
  1. I am a Project Engineer at Hoar Construction working in the preconstruction department. For each project that we work on, I am in charge of 10-15 trades that I scope out, complete takeoffs for, and ensure coverage that I have adequate coverage. I also work on putting together budgets for upcoming projects and will lead bids for smaller projects.
  2. I graduated college in May 2020 and began working as a Preconstruction Associate for CBG Building Company in June 2020. In February of 2021 I moved into my current position as Project Engineer with Hoar Construction, with whom I had interned in the summer of 2018 and 2019. 
  3. I learned about CREW NoVA through a coworker who tracks different professional groups in the construction industry to see which organizations would be good for our company to be involved in. We did not have any members of CREW NoVA at the time so they suggested I try out some events to see if it would be a good fit. After attending the Embracing Change Leadership series and the Crew and Brew event, I had met a lot of great people and felt like CREW NoVA would be a great place for me to network and grow professionally.
  4. Growing up, one of the first women I remember admiring was JK Rowling. As I read the Harry Potter series as an elementary schooler, I remember learning that she had started with nothing when first writing the series and I found it amazing that she was able to work her way to the top of her field all by herself. 
  5. My family consists of my mom Kim, my dad Marcus, my brother Jeremy, and my sister Emilee. Both of my parents work in churches and my sister is studying to be a sports manager at NC State. My brother and I both graduated in 2020, both with Construction/Civil Engineering Degrees, his from Georgia Tech and mine from Virginia Tech. It was a lot of fun in school to talk about the similarities and differences between what we were each doing. 
Fun Fact: One fun fact about me is that I played Quidditch at Virginia Tech and am on the Major League Quidditch Team in Washington DC.