Discover Your DRiV

Date May 2, 2023
Location Freedom Square | Reston Town Center 
Time 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
2023-05-02 08:00:00 2023-05-02 11:00:00 CREW NoVA May 2nd 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET Discover Your DRiV Freedom Square | Reston Town Center

Joan Fletcher, Founder & President, Winning Ways

Join us on Tuesday, May 2nd, for an opportunity to find out what drives you and what drains you in your work and personal life. The Discover Your DRiV workshop led by Joan Fletcher, nationally recognized leadership expert and the Founder and President of Winning Ways, will provide each participant with well-researched information on what motivates and energizes us. Increasing self-awareness enables us to make more informed decisions in our careers and personal lives. The DRiV assessment is a psychometric behavioral predictor. It can provide two to three times the predictive power of standard assessments on key outcomes such as: leadership performance, teamwork behaviors, ethical decision-making, critical thinking ability, leadership emergence, career paths and career success.

Participants will learn about their own drivers and drainers and how to leverage their drivers to become happier and more successful. Throughout this interactive workshop, Joan will guide participants through the DRiV model, a cutting-edge assessment tool that integrates more than 50 years of research on what drives human behavior, focusing on the six DRiV Factors: Insight, Connection, Impact, Harmony, Meaning, & Productivity. Delivering a comprehensive picture of what drives and drains individuals, the DRiV workshop will give each attendee a powerful tool for better self-management, leadership, team, and organizational development. 

Before the workshop, each registrant will receive a link to take the DRiV assessment. During the workshop, Joan will guide attendees through their results to learn about what drives them and what drains them and how to use their drivers to enable them to enjoy their work and life more.

Upon completion of the 3-hour workshop, attendees will:
  • Determine their individual drivers, motives, and values.
  • Learn the impact each driver has on relationships, work and lives.
  • Understand the individual drivers, drainers, and factors, and how each relates to work and life. 
  • Identify tips and resources that both energize and optimize leadership effectiveness.
  • Acquire ways to become stronger team members and leaders who are more satisfied with their roles, responsibilities, and productivity.
Members, $210 (Cost Breakdown: $150 assessment | $60 registration fee)
Non-Member, $250 (Cost Breakdown: $150 assessment | $100 registration fee)
(Breakfast will be provided).

Location & Parking:
Freedom Square | Reston Town Center 
11951 Freedom Drive
Reston, VA, 20190
*Parking garage across the street (Purple Garage). Use the ParkRTC app to pay for parking. For more information about parking in the Reston Town Center, visit

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